CAN Mining is aware that, in the high-risk environment of mining, quality is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of all personnel. For this primary reason we design and manufacture our products to the highest standards possible and provide additional services to further ensure a safe working environment for all. Currently, CAN Mining holds patents for the Spillminator and Pipe Bulkhead Chutes that are being used by Anglo Platinum, Goldfields, Anglo Gold Ashanti and others. Our footprint that includes Pretoria, Rustenburg, Carletonville and Delmas enables us to provide a quality service across South Africa and indeed worldwide.

Spillminator Chute criteria

We offer SideWall Chutes, HangingWall Chutes, and Belt Feeders.

  • In accordance with SANS specification 0208, the Chute is designed for a nominal design pressure of 840 kPa in platinum mines and 600kPa in gold mines.
  • 840 kPa is equivalent to a 30m ore pass filled with UG2 slurry (hydrostatic head).
  • The design code states that the hydrostatic head will stay 840 kPa from 30m upwards.
  • The standard throat opening on our SideWall Chute is 1 100mm x 1 000mm, and on the HangingWall Chute 1 200mm x 1 200mm, with an over-break of 400mm. Designs can be adapted to accommodate client requirements.
  • Both the doors are designed to withstand direct pressure of 840 kPa.
  • A risk assessment on the operation and maintenance procedure is available on request.
  • Our standard liners are based on Hardox 450 liners. Any liners can be supplied to accommodate the client’s requirements.

Research, development and innovative variations

Included in our product range is a Pipe Bulkhead, Tubular Chute and Plate Top Structure. These innovative products have the same specifications as the Spillminator Chute, but have proven to be more cost-effective.

Hoses and fittings

  • A set of four 15mm hoses and fittings are supplied.
  • Hoses are tested up to 160 bar.

Cylinders for
Spillminator Chutes

We are committed to creating a workplace in which employees are given opportunities to excel. Employee remuneration and benefits are related to ability and dedication, without discrimination of colour, sex or creed.

The company is also committed to the development of employees through an effective skills transfer program, to ensure rapid employee growth as well as achieving optimum safety standards. The company acknowledges that employee growth is vital in achieving the objectives of the organization.

  • Spillminator SideWall and HangingWall Chutes operate with two pneumatic M980 x 800 stroke rear mount cylinders.
  • Spillminator Belt Feeder and Silo Chutes operate with two pneumatic M9100 x 800 stroke rear mount cylinders.
  • The operational pressure for the cylinders is 6 bar.
  • The M9100 cylinder is tested up to 40 bar.
  • The M980 cylinder is tested up to 100 bar.
  • The M9100 cylinder produces 3.5 tons of pressure at 6 bar and 2.3 tons at 4 bar.
  • The M980 cylinder produces 2.2 tons of pressure at 6 bar and 1.5 tons at 4 bar.
  • The shaft of the cylinder is manufactured from EN8 shaft material.
  • Cylinder barrels are lined with fibreglass to prevent rust.
  • Cylinders are supplied with clevis pins for front and rear.
  • The M980 cylinder weighs 75kg.
  • The M9100 cylinder weighs 150kg.
  • The steel barrel of the cylinder is not seamless.
  • A complete hydraulic system for all our Spillminator Chutes is available on request.